My name is Aine McGookin, I'm a Dublin-based graphic designer. I studied graphic design at the Dublin Institute of Design, graduating in 2021, where I discovered my love of editorial, poster, and logo design. In September of 2022, I started a MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics at DBS, hoping to build on my current skills and knowledge with marketing, a close relative to design. 
Nature is important to me, I try to tie in natural elements into my work and utilise up-cycling & repurposing as I find eco-conscious design to be pivotal. My goal is to create things that makes a difference, I want to be able to generate designs that mean something, and be part of projects that have an impact.​​​​​​​
In my free time I enjoy photography, making jewellery, and collage, some of which is featured here. My non-artistic related hobbies include cooking, taking care of my plants, the occasional video game, and reading. ​​​​​​​
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